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Street Fairs and Art Shows

On Saturday, July 10, I set up my work at the Weston Town Hub Second Saturday Street Street Fair in Weston, West Virginia, about half an hour from my home. It is amazing what a few people are doing to revitalize a small, tired city in North Central West Virgina.

Booths were free - imagine that! - and I sold several magnets and small paintings and one large painting to the customer I knew would love it. That's a good day for a fair for me. I'm fairly new at this and am finally learning what to take and what to leave at home - good thing my husband has a pickup truck!

Got there early to get space in the building - a former car dealership that is being slowly renovated. It was a nice day, but the sun was hot and I melt easily. Organizers, vendors, and customers were all pleasant, having a great day to browse art, baked goods, crystals and incense, flowers and more - as well as the chance to adopt a kitten (I resisted, but there was this one tiny tortie . . .)

I'll be back in August, Weston!

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