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Can it Be?

Yesterday I sold one of my favorite paintings. "Can it Be?" was one of the first pieces that I knew had power. A colleague bought it, so I'll be able to visit it in her office, but I was still sad to see it go. As much as I want my darlings to go out into the world and speak to people, I also want to protect them and keep them safe in the studio with their siblings. But we need peace on earth as much as or more than ever, and I hope my dove carries that message with his olive branch through the campus and the world.

I haven't had the heart to take the image off of my home page - I'll do that when I am equally struck by the next painting.

Thanks to all who supported my work at shows the last two weekends.

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I love the painting of the Dove! It is beautiful. Something like this would, in addition to being the wonderful painting it is, also make for a beautiful greeting card of some sort. It could be a Christmas card, or perhaps a card expressing hope in the time of grieving. Keep up the good work of the talent you have neen blessed with. ♥

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