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Art in the Time of Covid

Starting my first blog on my web site, which I've been updating. I'm almost safely out of the semester - teaching hybrid courses, which meant that they were equally confusing on line and in the classroom. My students - mostly first semester, first generation, underprepared college students, struggled but most succeeded.

Don't let anyone tell you teaching on line is easier. It is much much harder. It's especially hard when you don't know, going in to the semester, if the classes will be totally in the classroom, totally on line, or a strange mix of the two. I chose option three, and a strange mix it truly was.

The good news is that at least a dozen signed up for my English 102 next semester, so it couldn't have been a total disaster.

If you're a newcomer here, I teach college English and paint to stay sane. It's working - mostly. My husband and I believe we had COVID-19 in March, although we both tested negative. I started the first of these paintings - the red one - before I got sick and finished the second one weeks - no, months - later when I could finally prop myself up at the easel. I called them Love in the Time of COVID-19 before everyone jumped on that oh-so-obvious title (Thanks, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez!). They're 4x4" acrylics on black canvas - I think. I can't find them right now - I suspect they're in the box of stuff I shoved aside to move some furniture out of the studio about a month ago.

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