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So a while back I painted on a few scraps of OSB (Oriented Strand Board). The board had come from large shipping packages and other oddities my husband had lying around. When we ran out of scraps, I hit the big box home improvement store and bought 48x48" sheets. I cut them into 24x48" and then cut some of those down to 16x24".

When I start a painting, I let the orientation of the strands (see what I did there?) guide me. My first painting was "The Assumption of the BVM on OSB." The shape of a woman seemed obvious to me, and I began to paint her blue, the color that Mary always wears for portraits and statues.

One of my favorites from the batch painted on brand new OSB is "Mad About Saffron."

Saffron goes for about $100 an ounce, so I thought, "I can afford a painting." The background is more of a curry yellow, but the photo just wouldn't take it.

Other favorite are "Dollface in the Desert" and "Night and Day."

(I haven't put them in my shop yet because I need to frame them so no one gets snagged on splinters from the edges. As soon as I figure out how to do that, they'll be up! And you can see a few more at


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