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Artist Bio

In the spring of 2016, I went to a craft store for supplies for my grandson’s school project and left with, among other things, pipe cleaner, construction paper, foam spheres, and a set of 48 two-ounce bottles of acrylic paints. “I am going to paint,” I announced to my husband in the same voice that I used 20 years ago to announce, “I am going to run.” Thousands of miles and eight marathons later, I have retired from running, but painting has become as important a part of my life as running ever was – if not more.

In those years, I’ve learned to paint when I want to, and to paint when I need to. To paint what I want to paint, and what I need to paint. When times are good, but especially when they’re bad, it helps to paint every day.

I have a great dedicated studio now, in  Glenville, West Virginia, where I now live after a lifetime in Pittsburgh. West Virginia is a beautiful state, full of beautiful landscapes to be painted and loving people who have welcomed me to their mountains. I am a member of the Infamous Artists Collective in Buckhannon, I have shown and sold my work in several galleries around the state, and one of my paintings was featured on the cover of The Trillium, a local literary and art journal. I have found an artistic home here.


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Everything that is contradictory creates life.

Salvadore Dali

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